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Oil Job Duties

Oil field jobs require the person to manage the working of the oil field or the oil rig. The oil jobs may be either offshore or onshore. The oil field supervisor supervises the working of the oil rig. He manages the workers schedule and the various drilling and exploration activities. He trains crews for drilling… Read More »

Oil Field Supervisor Job Duties

Oil Field Supervisor Duties The oil field supervisor has to look after the oil field duties and supervise the working of the staff and workers. The supervisor has to analyze the working schedules and patterns of the workers and see to it that they are working well. The oil field supervisor has to supervise and… Read More »

Oil Field Engineer Job Duties

Oil Field Engineer Duties Oil field engineer applies scientific and mathematical principles to provide solutions to bring solutions to the technical problems and defects faced in the oil field. He is the communication link between the economists and the scientific people. He tries to develop solutions for the technical problems through economic turn. The oil… Read More »

Oil Rig Nurse Job Duties

Oil Rig Nurse Duties Oil rig nurse is a professional engaged in the oil rig to provide medical facilities to the members. The oil rig field is a work field of high risk. It involves drilling of oil from deep down the ocean and maintaining those machines and technical equipments, as such the oil rig… Read More »

Oil Professional Job Duties

Oil Professional Duties Oil professionals are those engaged in mining and extracting oils from the ground, sea and mines. It is a highly sensitive job requiring knowledge, judgment, experience and tactful skills to maneuver so many hazards which might erupt unexpectedly without the knowledge of experts working in the sites. Lot of risks are involved… Read More »

Oil Driller Job Duties

Oil Driller Duties The successful candidate in this job position would be accountable for all safe operation and production associated with running the drilling rig. You will have to drill holes on shot point flags and oversee the loading of dynamite. Additionally you will be liable for all equipment, dynamite, blasting caps, drill bits and… Read More »

Upstream Electrical Engineer Job Duties

Upstream Electrical Engineer Duties The job duty of an electrical engineer is to design electrical equipments or components or systems for offshore, deepwater oil and gas facilities. His duty is to perform with detailed calculations and compute and establish the construction and installation standards and required specifications. He will have to make field surveys and… Read More »

Purchasing Manager Job Duties

Purchasing Manager Duties The major job duty of a purchase manager is to negotiate effectively and maintain a good supplier and vendor relationships. He will also have to review and evaluate supplier performance in terms of price, on time delivery, lead time and quality. He will have to see that the basic job duty of… Read More »

Marine crewing engineer, Human Resources Job Duties

Marine crewing engineer, Human Resources Duties The most important job duty of the candidate working in this position is to work in close association with the corporate recruiter to develop sources to recruit the experienced marine talent. His basic objective will be to get good and efficient people at comparatively lower costs and improve the… Read More »

Groundman Job Duties

Groundman Duties The job duties of a groundman are manifold. He is needed in the word process involved with installation, operation and maintenance of any electrical or transmission system. The line trucks are driven and operated by him. He will also have to operate the auxiliary equipment. He will also have to do any incidental… Read More »