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Practical Nursing Job Duties

Practical nursing job duties involve providing nursing assistance to patients under the supervision of the registered medical practitioners. There are many duties that a practical nurse has to fulfill that demand good energy levels and stamina as well. The candidate should be willing to work for long hours apart from willing to work at nights… Read More »

Neonatal Nursing Job Duties

A neonatal nurse is one who is in charge of the new born babies in a hospital. Neonatal nursing job duties revolve around nursing and resuscitation of the new born babies, help mother to take care of the new born etc. The role of a neonatal nurse in a hospital is of vital importance as… Read More »

Assistant Nurse Manager Job Duties

Assistant Nurse Manager Job duties go beyond nursing care. These are the nursing professionals who not only manage and assist in nursing works but also coordinate with other administrative level works. The Assistant Nurse Managers are hired for managing and coordinating the other nursing staff. The increasing number of clinics and hospitals has raised the… Read More »

Haemodialysis Nurse Job Duties

A haemodialysis nurse is registered nurse who specialises in taking special care of those patients who are undergoing the treatment of dialysis. Haemodialysis is a procedure which is resorted to save the patients who have severe kidney problems, diseases and disorders. The dialysis nurses fall under a special category of nursing. Discussed below are few… Read More »

Army Nurse Job Duties

An army nurse is the one who takes care and provides necessary services to the army members. The candidate is a registered nurse and performs all the necessary tests and provides required course of medication. She also assists during a surgery. A candidate aspiring to be an army nurse should hold a certification in the… Read More »

Auxiliary Nurse Job Duties

An auxiliary nurse is a nurse who is not required to be registered. She also need not hold any specific academic qualifications or any other kind of training. She is a nurse who just takes care of patients in a basic way. There are many tasks that a candidate performs as an auxiliary nurse for… Read More »

Nurse Paralegal Job Duties

A nurse paralegal plays a supportive and important role in the legal procedures. She is someone who has a noteworthy training in the legal matters and investigates and analyzes when malpractices in any case takes place. She also supports during other legal procedures. A candidate aspiring to be a nurse paralegal must have at least… Read More »

Ambulatory Care Nurse Job Duties

A nurse who assesses any outpatient for a very long term is known as an ambulatory care nurse. She is a nurse who takes care of a patient outside the hospital premises. They basically look after patient with chronic illnesses and those with injuries. They also deal in pain management. An aspirant must first be… Read More »

ICU Nurse Job Duties

ICU stands for critical care unit and this segment or unit forms an important part of almost all hospitals or superior medical facilities. An ICU nurse is a nurse who has specialized training to treat those patients who are admitted into ICUs. Special care has to be taken for ICU patients as they must not… Read More »

Licensed Practical Nurse Job Duties

A licensed practical nurse is a nurse who is appointed to directly take care of the patients. A licensed practical nurse (LPN) is someone who is a registered to be a nurse and is responsible for dealing with the patients on one-to-one basis. Some of the tasks that have to be performed by licensed practical… Read More »