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Non Profit Job Duties

Many non-profit and voluntary organizations have come up now-a-days and there is no dearth of opportunities in this sector. If you work as a community development advisor, you will have to coach and support the Network Members so that they can design, plan and implement their initiatives within a stipulated time frame. The job duties… Read More »

Priest Job Duties

Priest Duties There are so many people on the job whose work is for our physical, mental or social development. However, there are also people whose job is to take care of our spiritual wellness. The priests are the ones who lead the church of whatever denomination and belief towards spirituality. Priests lead the church… Read More »

Nun Job Duties

Nun Duties Being a nun is a religious self-sacrifice. It is not actually a profession since nuns do not receive salary for being so. It is more of vocation than a profession. It is a kind of work where women dedicate their lives in the service of God of the Church. They perform normal house… Read More »

Ministry of the Church Job Duties

Ministry of the Church Duties Churches unify people in their beliefs. People may have different beliefs and so there are a number of churches for everyone’s religious preferences and ideals. The one who manages and organizes the members of the church and all its activities and undertaking is the minister. The minister of the church… Read More »

Director of Fundraising & Business Partnerships

Director of Fundraising & Business Partnerships Duties The main responsibility of Director of Fundraising & Business Partnerships will be to work in collaboration with a committee. The Committee comprises of volunteers who are mostly individuals from the business community and education profession. You are expected to maintain a good relation with all the committee members… Read More »

Shelter Director Job Duties

Shelter Director Duties First of all, you need to have a good communication skill, as you will have to effectively communicate with a large number of constituencies which include the Board of Directors, the salaried staff, the large volunteer workforce, the current and the expected donors and representatives of other animal care organizations. Job duties… Read More »

Central Major Gift Officer Job Duties

Central Major Gift Officer Duties The major job of Central Major Gift Officer will be to identify and cultivate individual prospects in support of priorities of the University. Your particular focus will be on the gifts that range between 100K to 999K level. The CMGO will have to work with the frontline fundraisers and develop… Read More »

Community Development Advisor Job Duties

Community Development Advisor Duties As a Community Development Advisor (CDA) you will be the key relationship manager between Purpose Built Communities and its Network Members.  The primary responsibility of CDA will be to coach and support Network Members so that they can design, plan and implement their initiatives within a stipulated time frame. The position… Read More »