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Medical Administrative Assistant Job Duties

Working in a medical office environment is a very challenging task. A medical administrative assistant is known to be an integral part of a medical center. A medical administrative assistant is required to handle a number of tasks such as coordinating with different departments to keep the health unit intact, coordinating in admission of patients,… Read More »

Central Supply Job Duties

A central supply worker or clerk is a job position of the medical or surgical industry and any person working at this post is hired to perform a combination of duties. He/she is mainly responsible for receiving surgical and medical supplies and making sure that they are in proper working order and condition. Apart from… Read More »

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Job Duties

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners job duties involve numerous roles and responsibilities. They work with psychiatrist and they are also called as mental health nurse practitioners. Similar to a psychiatrist these nursing professionals help in diagnosing the mental troubles along with prescribing the medication under the supervision of a psychiatrist. These professionals must have a deep understanding… Read More »

Nurse Case Manager Job Duties

Nurse Case Manager Job Duties involve providing long term care and support to all the patients and assist the patients during their hospital stay. They are responsible for the comprehensive and quick recovery of the patients so that they go out of the hospital in a healthy manner. Case Manager Nurses work with a specific… Read More »

Recreational Therapist Job Duties

Recreational therapist’s job duties involve services and treatment offerings to people who are suffering from any kind of illness and disabilities. The recreational services to the client involves offering support through games, sports, dance and movements, community outings, maintaining mental and emotional well being and support through arts and craft. The depression, anxiety and stress… Read More »

Anaesthesiologist Assistant Job Duties

Anaesthesiologist Assistant is one who assists the anaesthesiologist in all their procedures. They are highly trained and skilled professionals who work under the direction of a license anaesthesiologist. They are responsible for managing and assisting all the anaesthesia equipments, offering quality anaesthesia care and assisting the patients along with monitoring them. To ensure the continuity… Read More »

Anaesthesia Technician Job Duties

Anaesthesia technician is one who provides assistance to the anaesthesiologist in all the procedures that involves anaesthesia administration to the patients. This is a technical job that requires lot of skills and knowledge about the anaesthesia and its applications. They are the health workers who have extensive knowledge about all the instruments, techniques and technologies… Read More »

Optical Technician Job Duties

Optical Technician is involved in assisting the clients with the removal, insertion and maintenance of the contact lenses. They work with ophthalmologists and assist clients in selecting the appropriate lenses according to their style and colour preferences. They must also know how to use measuring devices to take the accurate measure of the lens size… Read More »

Optometrist Receptionist Job Duties

An optometrist receptionist is one who works as a receptionist in an optometry clinic. The candidate should have good polite manners and be friendly in order to provide courteous response to the patients’ who visit the clinic. Besides the candidate should also have good knowledge about eyewear and other procedures that involve eye testing as… Read More »

Medical Secretary Job Duties

Medical secretaries are ones who are responsible for secretarial work in hospitals or any medical unit. They need to be equipped with good knowledge of the various medical terminologies. In order to work as a Medical secretary, one has to possess good computer and typing skills apart from being friendly to extend their support to… Read More »