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Clinical Operations Manager Job Duties

A clinical operations manager is an individual who manages and administers the main operations and functions of a clinical facility and looks after the smooth functioning of the unit. A clinical operations manager monitors the staff and the ongoing projects. Any person working at this job position must have exceptional managerial skills and strong interpersonal… Read More »

Clinical Nurse Manager Job Duties

A clinical nurse manager is the manager or leader of the nursing staff or unit of a hospital or nursing home etc. A clinical nurse manager is responsible for the overall functioning of the nursing unit and should have strong leadership qualities and interpersonal skills. The management of supply chain budgets, employee performance analysis etc.… Read More »

Media Consultant Job Duties

Media Consultant is required in many fields of business such as telecommunication, advertising, sales, online marketing firms and even for individuals to create a brand or image to the public. These executives work towards building a name and image of a corporate house or an individual for promotion purposes. They are also responsible for maintaining… Read More »

Public Information Officer Job Duties

Public Information Officer Job duties include informing all the citizens about the numerous activities conducted by the government agencies. It’s a very crucial profile that demands lot of integrity and awareness about the local laws and practices. They basically work as a spokesperson or also assist as advisors to people who would be going and… Read More »

Broadcast Traffic Coordinator Job Duties

Broadcast traffic coordinator job duties are to regulate, prioritize and broadcast the programs effectively. The broadcast traffic coordinator will require a degree in mass media, visual communications or diploma in media or marketing. The candidate is required to be very smart and handle the programs efficiently. The candidate will have to be strong in business… Read More »

Media Job Duties

Media job duties are the ones which are performed by the people who are a part of the media industry. It must be remembered that media is a huge field which encompasses several subdivisions like print media, television media, publicity agencies etc. Media job duties chiefly involve getting news across to an audience. This should… Read More »

Radio Announcer Job Duties

Radio Announcer job duties include conducting chat shows, playing music, broadcasting news, etc over the radio. The job duties differ based on the candidate’s specialization. It is essential to have good communication skills in order to handle this position efficiently. It is recommended to pursue a degree in radio broadcasting if you are aspiring to… Read More »

Radio Producer Job Duties

Radio Producer Job Duties include broadcasting audio content via radio, internet and other mediums such as mobile platforms, etc. There are a number of other job duties that these professionals are required to handle; these are mentioned below in detail. It is essential to undergo a relevant course in this field in order to get… Read More »

Media Assistant Job Duties

Media Assistant is required to assist the media manager and other team members handling media related work in performing various tasks. A Media Assistant is required to follow the instructions of his supervisors and help them with different media activities. It is essential to pursue a course in mass media and communication in order to… Read More »

Media Buyer Job Duties

Media Buyer job duties include purchasing media space for their clients, negotiating the deal while purchasing it and monitoring it. It is essential to undergo a relevant course if you are aspiring to get into this position. Most employers prefer hiring candidates having relevant work experience. Though most of them also offer training to these… Read More »