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Public Relations Coordinator Job Duties

Public relations coordinator job duties involve managing and implementing the marketing, event management and public relation activities in any organisation. The major role of this profile is to manage and coordinate all the job fairs, events, expo’s, events organised by non profit organisations etc. All the correspondence with media professionals is managed by these professionals… Read More »

Public Relations Officer Job Duties

A public relations officer is one who manages the public image of the organization. The reputation and client satisfaction are the primary duties that the candidate fulfills as a public relations officer. The public relations officer job duties are numerous and vary according to the requirements of each company. As the candidate is required to… Read More »

Web Marketing Analyst Job Duties

A web marketing analyst’s chief responsibility is to collect and interpret data during the planning stage of online marketing campaigns, much like a marketing analyst in any other field. With more and more companies starting to expand their marketing paradigm over to the web and beyond, web marketing analysts has become a key element for… Read More »

Internet Marketing Analyst Job Duties

An internet marketing analyst is no different from any other market research analyst, except that an internet analyst collects and interprets data related to online marketing campaigns. As more and more companies and organizations are marketing themselves online, internet marketing analysts are becoming indispensible in this regard as research of market conditions is the key… Read More »

Email Marketing Manager Job Duties

An email marketing manager’s primary responsibility is to supervise the production of all communications that take place via email like client newsletters, company announcements, product surveys, feedback forms and sales promotions. Since the turn of the last decade, email marketing has grown to be a strong form of advertising. The email marketing manager job duties… Read More »

Telemarketer Job Duties

The primary job of a telemarketer is to solicit orders for services or merchandise by contacting customers via telephone call. A telemarketer identifies prospective customers by reading telephone directories or other listings and calls them up through proper telecommunications equipment. A telemarketer then tries to influence the prospective customer to buy a product by giving… Read More »

Marketing Designer Job Duties

Marketing designers are primarily concerned with advertising the visual aspect of the product. They are generally computer artists who develop images and templates along with other artistic elements for marketing purposes. Marketing designers specialize in communicating the message associated with a product through the use of animation, illustrations, photography and any other graphic art form.… Read More »

Chief Marketing Officer Job Duties

A chief marketing officer has to carry out various responsibilities related to different areas of marketing that include sales, public policy, customer service, maintaining relations with media, promotions, corporate programs and web services. They have to lead various marketing operations, partnership marketing, sales operations and product management. Sometimes they may have to develop and implement… Read More »

Marketing Officer Job Duties

A marketing officer has to oversee the marketing campaign of an organization internally as well as externally and plays an important role in the communicating the marketing message of the organization. They have to prepare, project and plan the publication of all types of publicity material in order to maximize brand promotion. They have to… Read More »

Marketing Internship Job Duties

A marketing intern is an individual doing internship in the marketing department of an organization and is in the learning stage of their career. They usually have no work experience and are at the beginning of their career in the field of marketing in order to gain skills and experiences. They have to prepare brochures… Read More »