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Machine Operator Job Duties

Machine operator is one who is involved in operating and managing heavy machines and instruments. They manage industrial equipments and machineries which are involved in production of various products. Machines are operated and maintained by these operators and they keep the usage records of these machines. They prepare the machines for each special task and… Read More »

Production Operator Job Duties

Production Operator is one who is involved in the production and assembly line in a manufacturing unit. This candidate can work in a wide variety of companies and they must have complete know-how about the manufacturing process. Production operator ensures the timely delivery of various products by helping in construction and packaging. Production operator also… Read More »

Manufacturing job Duties

Manufacturing jobs are mostly preferred by engineers and hence many types of such jobs are available in the market. Before taking up any manufacturing job, it is very much essential to know in details the job duties of that stream. If you take up mechanical engineering, you can become a maintenance technician. In that case,… Read More »

QA Tester Job Duties

QA Tester Job Duties include helping in the maintenance of various software applications and also enhancing their functions and quality. It is essential for a QA to have proper knowledge about the testing procedures and application development tools in order to handle this position efficiently. One must also possess a relevant work experience. QA Tester… Read More »

Quality Assurance Technician Job Duties

Quality Assurance Technician Job Duties include ensuring the production quality. He is required to develop and enforce quality manufacturing processes and good automated manufacturing practice systems. It is essential to have a thorough knowledge about the manufacturing processes and procedures and a good amount of experience in this field in order to get into this… Read More »

Quality Assurance Analyst Job Duties

Quality Assurance Analyst job duties include assessing and testing software programs as well as software development processes. He is involved in setting the quality standards and also revising the existing ones, if required. Quality Assurance Analyst must have a good working knowledge about the various software programs in order to carry out his tasks efficiently.… Read More »

Quality Assurance Specialist Job Duties

Quality Assurance Specialist job duties include conducting audits of technical discipline in order to ensure that the work is being carried out as per the standards set by the organization. He is required to use certain systems while conducting the audits which he needs to maintain. There are various other job duties handled by a… Read More »

Production Supervisor Job Duties

Production Supervisor Job Duties include supervising the manufacturing staff. He is required to plan the work flow for the manufacturing department and ensure that the same is followed by the staff members. There are a number of other job duties that a production supervisor is required to handle; the same are mentioned below in detail.… Read More »

Mechanical Assembler Job Duties

Mechanical Assembler job duties include assembling and fixing the mechanical parts of different mechanical items in order to make them work appropriately. Mechanical Assemblers are mostly employed at manufacturing organizations which are involved in manufacturing mechanical parts or items for cars, aircrafts, etc. It is essential to undergo relevant training program in order to perform… Read More »

Material Handler Job Duties

Material Handler job duties include loading and unloading material on or near the work site or plant. He also needs to take the material to different locations within the plant or work site. He is required to follow the instructions given by his supervisors at the plant or work site to carry out various tasks.… Read More »