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Inventory Control Manager Job Duties

An inventory control manager is an individual who works in the supply chain department of a company and ensures that the entire inventory used for manufacturing the products or goods are present at their required levels. These individuals order required goods whenever there is shortage and help the company’s operations to run smoothly. The following… Read More »

Nursery Manager Job Duties

A nursery manager is an individual who manages, administers and supervises a childcare setting and looks after the smooth functioning of the nursery.  A nursery manager basically manages and supports the staff, the facility and takes care of each aspect that is involved in the day to day operations. To become a nursery manager, an… Read More »

Assistant Project Manager Job Duties

An assistant project manager is an individual who works as an assistant to a project manager in a company or an organization and makes sure that the project runs smoothly and is met with all its requirements and needs. From managing the day to day aspects of a project to handling the administrative and clerical… Read More »

Wedding Planner Job Duties

Wedding planner is the one who helps the couple plan their wedding the way they want. They are generally involved in the entire process of planning and organising a wedding but sometimes they are just required by the people to make arrangements for only some ceremonies of the entire wedding process. Some of the major… Read More »

Restaurant Assistant Manager Job Duties

Restaurant Assistant manager job duties involve assisting the restaurant manager in their various tasks. They are responsible for managing the staff in the absence of the Manager. They also coordinate and guide other staff in the restaurant for its proper functioning. Restaurant Assistant managers also interact with the customers in the restaurant to make sure… Read More »

Dental Office Manager Job Duties

Dental office Manager Job duties involve assisting and co-ordinating the smooth functioning of a dental office. Dentists are busy medical professionals who have to manage the patients thus they hire Dental office Managers to look after their dental office or clinic while they are busy treating their patients. Dental office Manager supervises the entire administrative… Read More »

Front Office Manager Job Duties

A front office manager is one who is responsible for managing all the customer queries and incoming calls in the office. The front office manager job duties begin with creating a good impression about the organisation. They must be polite and humble along with patient and straight forward. This profile demands a complete understanding about… Read More »

Restaurant General Manager Job Duties

A restaurant general manager is one who is responsible for the overall functioning of a restaurant. It is a crucial profile that demands management of all the sections in a restaurant so that the customers can have most satisfying dining experience in the restaurant. Achieving utmost customer satisfaction is the responsibility of a restaurant manager… Read More »

Recreation Supervisor Job Duties

A recreation supervisor is one who is in charge of the recreation programs in a hospitality industry or club. The candidate should have good planning and organizing skills to perform well on the job. As the work of a recreation supervisor is very challenging the candidate should have good stamina and willing to work for… Read More »

Warehouse Manager Job Duties

A warehouse manager is the most important person in a warehouse. His job duty is to organize safe as well as efficient receipt, storage and dispatch of warehouse goods. The have to process orders and also sometimes operate machines in the warehouse. The budget of the warehouse is also managed by the warehouse manager. Sometimes… Read More »