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Judicial Clerk Job Duties

A judicial clerk plays an important role in the legal field. They perform various job duties which vary from one court to another or from one judge to another. The most important role of a judicial clerk is to work as an assistant to the judge and manage the workload and at the same time… Read More »

Legal Counsel Job Duties

Legal counsels are individuals known as an in house counselor or a corporate counselor and are usually the chief legal counselor for corporate organizations, educational institutions and government agencies. They have to negotiate, write, review, summarize, research and execute a variety of agreements and contracts for clients and organizations. It is the legal counsel who… Read More »

Legal Office Manager Job Duties

A legal office manager is responsible for day to day running of the administrative operations of a law firm. They have to directly supervise the technical and legal support team of a law firm. A legal office manager has to coordinate new case assignments and also resources of legal support staff. Sometimes a legal office… Read More »

Legal File Clerk Job Duties

There are numerous boxes containing files and paperwork in a law firm or a legal department pertaining to clients in relation to various cases. As it is time consuming for a lawyer to go through all these files, a legal file clerk is hired in order to go through and sort out the important files.… Read More »

Legal Receptionist Job Duties

A legal receptionist is the receptionist of a legal department in an organization or in a law firm. They are the first point of contact in a law firm as they work at the front desk or waiting the area. It is the duty of a legal receptionist to greet the clients and interact with… Read More »

Legal Clerk Job Duties

A legal clerk has to work as an assistant to a judge or an attorney at a state or federal level. They are responsible for performing a wide range of activities like disposition of particular cases and providing support evidence in regards to a particular argument in a case. It is the duty of a… Read More »

Corporate Lawyer Job Duties

A corporate lawyer is responsible for giving legal advices to their clients on their rights, obligations, business laws, tax laws etc. Corporate lawyers are also required to prepare business contracts, managing employee relations, processing company patents. A corporate lawyer needs to have in depth knowledge of law procedures, company law, corporate law, tax and insurance… Read More »

Criminal Lawyer Job Duties

A criminal lawyer is someone who is appointed to defend individuals, companies or organizations that have been charged with crimes. Criminal lawyers handle various types of cases relating to matters such as murders, theft, domestic violence, sexual harassments, rape etc. Their job is to investigate and interview the accused and the witnesses, research case law,… Read More »

Law Librarian Job Duties

Law librarians are responsible for managing a Law library within a law school, legal firm or government organizations. A Law librarian carries out important research to assist legal professionals. They are also responsible for organizing law related courses, maintaining library’s collection, managing library’s account, and carrying out online research. They are responsible for teaching legal… Read More »

Family Law Attorney Job Duties

A family law attorney specializes in laws concerning family matters. They handle a variety of cases such as divorce, domestic violence, adaptation, child custody, dowry, matters concerning will & property etc. Family law attorneys are responsible for preparing legal documents like agreements, pleadings etc. They are required to attend court proceedings in order to represent… Read More »