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Game Programmer Job Duties

Game programmer is in charge of designing new computer games which could attract the attention of the game lovers. The candidate manages the entire game designing process by defining the rules of the games, developing the story and characters involved in any game, the game settings, other aids used in a game like vehicles and… Read More »

Help Desk Analyst Job Duties

Help desk analyst job duties are to help staff to resolve their technical and software related issues. The help desk analyst should be proficient in system networks, hardware and software applications to resolve the issues properly. They should have a bachelor’s degree in software engineering or a network engineer. In addition, the help desk analyst… Read More »

Technical Support Analyst Job Duties

Technical support analyst shoulders the responsibility to develop, implement and support the technical issues faced by the employees in an organization. Technical support analyst job duties involve building new applications, architectures, providing various accesses etc. The candidate should possess a bachelor’s degree in computer science or information technology with hard ware and network experience or… Read More »

Application Support Analyst Job Duties

Application support analyst job duties are to offer support on particular applications with various programming languages that are developed in a software company. The support offered by the candidate is usually technical or trouble shooting. The input for the support will be through requests raised by the employees, or help desk team. The application support… Read More »

IT Director Job Duties

An IT director is responsible for overlooking all the operations of the IT department and the IT infrastructure in an organization. They have to supervise the planning, installation, operation and other activities in the IT department. An IT director is also responsible for research and planning process and also has to implement modern technologies in… Read More »

IT Technical Support Job Duties

IT Technical support professional is responsible for monitoring and maintaining the computer systems, servers and networks of an organization. They usually work in the IT department of an organization. It is their duty to look into installation and configuration of computer systems. Diagnosing hardware or software faults and solving technical problems of the applications are… Read More »

It Support Specialist Job Duties

An IT support specialist is an individual who is responsible for providing support to the end user in an organization. They are responsible for installing new hardware and software. They also have to repair issues or defects in a system or peripheral equipments. It is the duty of the IT support specialist to verse the… Read More »

It Analyst Job Duties

An IT analyst is an individual who is responsible for determining efficient solutions that are computer based and help in maximizing the productivity of an organization. They also have to design as well as implement information systems. They take details and market research data from company managers and use the data to develop a system… Read More »

IT Coordinator Job Duties

IT coordinator is someone who manages the IT section of an organization. The job duty is to ensure smooth functioning of the organization by taking care of the technical aspects within the organization. They are responsible for making any IT related decisions, troubleshooting a problem and giving support to the technical as well the non-technical… Read More »

Web Developer Job Duties

A web developer is responsible for building websites using their programming skills. They are required to create design and layout of the interface and interlinking the front end with the database structures. They develop web-based tools which are used in progressive online activism and community building. They are required to maintain coordination with the design… Read More »