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Warehouse Coordinator Job Duties

A warehouse coordinator plays a vital role in managing the warehouse as they have to control the warehouse inventories and coordinate movement of a product from the production process till the warehouse. They pick up product and monitor the loading of the product from the warehouse to shipping. It is the warehouse coordinator who is… Read More »

Warehouse Worker Job Duties

A warehouse worker is an individual who has to receive, store, document and deliver materials and products in the warehouse. They sometimes have to place shipping orders of products to the customers. It is the responsibility of the warehouse worker to ensure proper transportation of the good from the warehouse and they should possess good… Read More »

Warehouse Assistant Job Duties

A warehouse assistant needs to carry out his job duties following the instructions of the warehouse manager. They are usually responsible for overseeing the process of movement of stocks from the warehouse or to the warehouse. They have to ensure that the inflow and outflow of materials is done accurately and as per the policies… Read More »

Warehouse Supervisor Job Duties

A warehouse supervisor plays an important role in managing all the activities in a warehouse. They have to carry out the job duties of maintaining inventory and supplies that they received. They also have store and deliver these inventory and supplies, secure the warehouse and supervise the staff. The training of the warehouse workers is… Read More »

Warehouse Manager Job Duties

A warehouse manager is the most important person in a warehouse. His job duty is to organize safe as well as efficient receipt, storage and dispatch of warehouse goods. The have to process orders and also sometimes operate machines in the warehouse. The budget of the warehouse is also managed by the warehouse manager. Sometimes… Read More »

Warehouse Officer Job Duties

A warehouse officer is an important link in the entire supply chain process. He/she is responsible for seeing and managing the storage, receipt, value added servicing and dispatch of many types of goods and services which are produced by the company or organisation for which he/she works for. Every manufacturing company needs to hire a… Read More »

Warehouse Specialist Job Duties

A warehouse specialist is responsible for maintaining required level of inventory; ensure whether the quantity, quality and specifications of the orders are accurate. It is the warehouse specialist who has to verify the stock in order to maintain the layout of the warehouse in an organized manner. They may also sometimes load and unload orders,… Read More »

Trade Importer Job Duties

As an import export manager you would have to make arrangements for the different operations including import and export and you would also have to oversee the delivery of the given goods. In fact these managers are intermediaries for the customers importing or exporting from different regions. Duties and responsibilities These people have to handle… Read More »

Import Export Job Duties

Import export job duties are those which persons involved in this field are expected to perform. Such duties are extremely crucial, because the import and export of item to and from a country can affect the country’s finances, stature as well as be an index of its fortunes and clout. Import export job duties require… Read More »

Stock Holders Job Duties

Stock Holders Duties A stockholder is also called a shareholder of a company or corporation. He is a part owner of the company depending on the number of his shares. He is granted with privileges that give the right to vote on pertinent matters and many other benefits that have a great advantage to one’s… Read More »