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HR Coordinator Job Duties

HR Coordinator Job Duties include coordinating with different departments in order to complete various HR related tasks. It is recommended to pursue a degree in Business Administration specializing in the field of Human Resource if you are aspiring to get into this position. A relevant work experience is also required in order to manage this… Read More »

HR Clerk Job Duties

HR Clerk Job Duties include handling various administrative tasks of the HR Department. The role of an HR clerk is integral to the Human Resource department as he is required to prepare various reports and maintain records of the tasks handled by this department. It is essential to have a degree in human resource in… Read More »

Employment Specialist Job Duties

Employment Specialist Job Duties include studying the candidate’s educational qualification, assessing his knowledge and job requirement in order to find a suitable job opportunity for him/ her. One should have an experience in recruitments or related field in order to get into this position. An Employment Specialist usually reports to the Employment Services Coordinator and… Read More »

Training Specialist Job Duties

Training Specialist Job Duties include assessing the training materials. He is required to develop new training processes and procedures as well as work on improving the existing ones. It is essential to have a good amount of experience in the training field in order to get into this position and handle it efficiently. Training Specialist… Read More »

Training Coordinator Job Duties

Training Coordinator Job Duties include assessing the training requirements of the employees and ensuring proper arrangements for conducting training sessions. Training coordinator needs to work as a part of the training team and act as a link between the training team/ department and other departments. It is essential to possess good inter-personal skills in order… Read More »

Compensation Manager Job Duties

Compensation Manager Job Duties include taking care of the industrial accident cases. He is required to work on such cases to provide appropriate compensation to the employees. It is essential to have a relevant degree and also some work experience in the related field in order to practice this profession. Compensation Manager Job Duties Compensation… Read More »

Benefits Coordinator Job Duties

Benefits Coordinator Job Duties include working for the benefits of the employees. Benefits Coordinator works as a part of the Human Resource Department and usually reports to the Human Resource manager or head. A degree in business administration specializing in the field of Human Resource is required to get into this position. Benefits Coordinator Job… Read More »

Human Resource Job duties

Human Resource Duties The success of the company is based on the performance of the employees and behind achieving the good reputation of the company is the people in the human resource department.  A good human resource head can balance the need of the employees and the wants of the company.  Human resource knows how… Read More »

Human Resource Manager Job Duties

Human Resource Manager Duties A human resource manager’s the one that oversee the overall performance of its department and its people. Whatever name they can be called, they still do the same things and function in the same way. So what does a human resource manager do? They do a lot of things and we… Read More »

HR Assistant Job Duties

HR Assistant Duties Assistants in HR department play important roles in assisting the manager in all aspects of human resources activities in the organization. Leaving the manager to shoulder higher responsibilities, HR assistant takes on the complete load of providing manpower and initiate preliminary functions leaving only the decision and finalization parts to the manager.… Read More »