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Hotel Front Office Manager

In the service industry it is very important to form a lasting impression on your customers, so that return to and recommend your services. Though in this age technology has advanced greatly, and often all reservations and proceedings are done electronically, the role of the Hotel Front Office Manager is still a crucial one. Ideally,… Read More »

Head Chef Job Duties

A head chef also known as an executive chef is an individual who is in charge of the kitchen. They should have complete control of the kitchen and ensure that the staff follows his instructions. A head chef can found working in various kinds of work settings which include a restaurant, industrial kitchen or a… Read More »

Banquet Coordinator Job Duties

The position of a banquet coordinator is that of great responsibility. Banquet Coordinator Job Duties include planning the food, beverage and other arrangements for the events and parties hosted at the banquet they are working for. They need to coordinate with the vendors who supply raw material for the food, those who provide decorative items… Read More »

Banquet Chef Job Duties

Banquet Chef Job Duties include deciding the menu, planning the presentation of food, coordinating with the kitchen staff, ordering the food ingredients, cooking different food items and handling various other tasks. These chefs may be required to work under the guidance and supervision of an executive chef usually working in big restaurants and hotels that… Read More »

Sous Chef Job Duties

Sous Chef Job Duties include preparing different food items, deciding the way in which the food is to be presented to the customers, ordering ingredients required to prepare various food items, assisting the executive chef in preparing food, guiding the junior kitchen staff on handling various kitchen related tasks appropriately, handling any kind of conflict… Read More »

Banquet Server Job Duties

Banquet servers work for food and beverage facilities which provide food to large group of people. Banquet halls host various events and parties as per the order received from different clients and banquet server job duties include serving food, beverage and providing certain other services to the guests who come to these events and parties.… Read More »

Hotel Job Duties

Hotel job duties are those which involve the day to day running of a hotel, which is part of the hospitality industry. Hotel job duties involve hard work and dedication, as the interaction and cooperation between various departments of the hotel can result in efficient and sincere service to the guests. A hotel runs like… Read More »

Caterer Job Duties

A Caterer is required to prepare food as per the order given by the client. Caterer job duties include ensuring that the food is prepared as per the requirement of the client as well as within the budget set by him/ her. It is essential to have knowledge about the preparation of various food items… Read More »

Fast Food Worker Job Duties

Fast Food Worker Job Duties include serving various fast food items to the customers. Fast food workers are mostly employed in fast food joints and may also work at hotels/ restaurants serving fast food. It is essential to have proper knowledge about the preparation of different fast food items in order to get into this… Read More »

Hotel Supervisor Job Duties

Hotel Supervisor Job Duties include supervising the hotel staff on performing various hotel tasks appropriately. It is essential for a Hotel Supervisor to have good communication and supervisory skills as he is required to deal with the hotel staff members and get all the work done from them. One is required to have a degree… Read More »