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Air Hostess Job Duties

Air hostess has many vital job duties to fulfill which include welcoming and serving the passenger, attending issues on board, selling products, etc. Airhostess preferably should hold a degree in sociology, or bachelor of administration. An air hostess is to provide overall support and care to the passengers throughout the flight journey. Some of the… Read More »

Head Chef Job Duties

Head Chef Job Duties include preparing several cuisines as per the demand of the customers, guiding the chefs working under him to prepare various food items, deciding the presentation of food, supervising the kitchen staff on handling various kitchen related tasks, preparing the food menu, deciding the prices of various food items listed in the… Read More »

Food Service Worker Job Duties

Food service worker job duties include taking orders from the guests, serving food to them, providing assistance to the cooking staff in preparing food in the kitchen, setting the dining table, clearing the table after the meals, provide information about the menu and rates to the customers over the phone and handling a number of… Read More »

Food Service Manager Job Duties

Food Service Manager Job Duties include testing the food prepared for the guests and approving or disapproving it, ensuring good food quality and proper service for the guests, scheduling food deliveries, checking the methods used for preparing food, ensuring good customer service and handling a number of other tasks. A candidate aspiring to become a… Read More »

Food Counter Attendant Job Duties

Food Counter Attendant job duties include taking orders from the customers, providing them the food ordered by them, keeping the counter clean, arranging china on the counter, assisting the kitchen staff in preparing food, arrange napkins and other useful items on the counter, sharing food menus with the customers, ensuring proper hygiene in and around… Read More »

Food Beverage Manager Job Duties

Food beverage manager job duties include planning the preparation and serving of food and supervising the kitchen staff. There are a number of other tasks that a food beverage manager is required to handle such as evaluating the tasks done by the kitchen staff, dealing with the vendors, ensuring quality food and service, ensuring that… Read More »

Food Service Attendant Job Duties

Food Service Attendant job duties include greeting the customers who walk in to the food joints or restaurants, taking down their orders, ensuring that they are given the food items ordered in time, providing good customer service, assisting in washing the dishes, preparing food and handling a number of other tasks. One does not require… Read More »

Hospitality Job Duties

Hospitality sector is quite promising as many hotels are coming up in different parts of the world. Here also, various types of jobs are there and our hospitality job duties section provides detail information of the jobs that needs to be done in the various posts in this sector. After going through our hospitality job… Read More »

Food Server Job Duties

Food Server Job Duties include serving the customers with food and beverages. It is essential for a food server to have good communication skills and a pleasing personality. A food server must also possess knowledge about various food items and beverages in order to serve the customers appropriately. Most restaurants and eating joints provide a… Read More »

Housekeeping Supervisor Job Duties

Housekeeping Supervisor Job Duties include instructing the housekeeping staff for performing various housekeeping tasks efficiently. It is essential to have experience as a housekeeping staff member and good managerial skills in order to handle this position well. A housekeeping supervisor must have good communication skills and the ability to drive others. Housekeeping Supervisor Job Duties… Read More »