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Paediatric Medical Assistant job Duties

A Paediatric Medical Assistant works under a physician or nurses who specialize in providing health care to children or teenagers below 18 years of age. They perform routine medical tasks to help medical practitioners provide more focused care for the patient. A Paediatric Medical Assistant has two positions: back office and front office. Back office… Read More »

Health Care Technician Job Duties

A Health Care Technician is someone who records and keeps track of patient health records for a hospital or medical organization. A health record is maintained for any patient that receives health care. A health care technician may have to perform a wide array of duties, from maintaining records to directly dealing with patients and… Read More »

Health Information Technician Job Duties

A health information technician is responsible for organizing and managing health-related information while making sure that quality and accuracy is maintained and that it is secure and only accessible to proper hospital personnel. They categorize patient information by using classification systems. This helps to maintain a patient’s medical history in the database, in case it… Read More »

Health Information Technology Job Duties

Health Information Technology professionals (Health IT) look after the management of the health related information in an electronic system. Health care industry extensively use health IT professionals to store, retrieve, share and use health care information data and knowledge. This in turn generates superior health care facilities, avoids medical errors, decrease healthcare costs, increase administrative… Read More »

Health Unit Coordinator Job Duties

Health unit coordinator job duties include providing help in medical or healthcare environments where in complete patient care is given. There are a number of other job duties assigned to them such as maintaining good patient-nurse relationship, ensuring that the health care staff stays updated with the information about the latest healthcare equipment’s and practices, maintaining the… Read More »

Health Safety Officer Job Duties

Health safety officer job duties include planning and developing health safety programs after conducting extensive research on the subject. He is also required to implement these programs and ensure that the healthcare staff members comply with these. He is involved in conducting a number of other tasks such as identifying the requirement for safety training,… Read More »

Public Health Nurse Job Duties

Public Health Nurse Job Duties include offering nursing related services to community by planning and implementing clinic programs and giving home visits. They may be associated with individuals and groups and promote healthy living in the community they are assigned to take care of. These professionals are required to handle a number of other small… Read More »

Healthcare Risk Manager Job Duties

The work of a healthcare risk manager is that of great responsibility and only a candidate having thorough knowledge about the various aspects of healthcare industry can manage it well. Along with knowledge it is also essential to have some amount of experience in the healthcare risk field in order to manage the assigned tasks… Read More »

Healthcare Assistant Job Duties

Healthcare Assistant job duties include helping the senior staff at the healthcare centers or hospitals in carrying out various tasks. He may be required to look after the patients and ensure that they are equipped with all kinds of facilities. Other job duties of the healthcare assistant include speaking to the patients and their relatives… Read More »

Healthcare Recruiter Job Duties

Medical recruiter is employed at hospitals and healthcare centers or may even work for a recruitment agency that provides human resource to the healthcare industry. There are a number of tasks that a healthcare recruiter is required to do of which the chief task or duty is to recruit suitable candidates to fill various positions… Read More »