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Public Information Officer Job Duties

Public Information Officer Job duties include informing all the citizens about the numerous activities conducted by the government agencies. It’s a very crucial profile that demands lot of integrity and awareness about the local laws and practices. They basically work as a spokesperson or also assist as advisors to people who would be going and… Read More »

Corporate Security Manager Job Duties

A corporate security manager is the one who is responsible for identifying and diminishing or managing any such development that may cause harm to the company’s continuance and survival. He is responsible for protecting the company from any threat that may affect the company’s resilience. Given below are few of the tasks that form a… Read More »

Procurement Specialist Job Duties

A procurement specialist specialises and knows the technicality of procuring bulk materials, equipment and other supplies required in any field. The specialist generally works under the supervision of an administrative head and executes detailed tasks involved in the procurement of materials and supplies. A candidate aspiring to get into this line of profession should ideally hold… Read More »

Government Job Duties

If you have decided to take up government services, it is very essential for you to go through the government job duties. Actually, the area of government services is a vast area and you must be aware of the government job duties. There are many departments in a government and you must know their respective… Read More »

Lifeguard Job Duties

Lifeguard Job Duties include safeguarding his clients during emergency situations. In order to get into this position one must have a high school diploma and should have undergone rigorous training of at least 6 months for the various tasks handled at this position. He must be able to react calmly in case of emergency. Lifeguard… Read More »

Environmental Scientist Job Duties

Environmental Scientist Job Duties include developing procedures for safeguarding the environment. He is required to conduct extensive research before formulating these processes and procedures. A candidate must possess at least a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Science or other natural sciences and a few years of experience in this field in order to get into this… Read More »

Government Contractor Job Duties

Government Contractor Job Duties include planning and drafting proposals for different government contracts. He is required to be very careful while drafting the contract; as it should be prepared as per the government policy and procedure. A candidate must possess a bachelor’s degree in contract management in order to get into this position. Government Contractor… Read More »

Traffic Enforcer Job Duties

Traffic Enforcer Duties A traffic enforcer is part of the police system whose main job is to direct and clear traffic and maintain good road situation favorable to commuters, drivers and pedestrians. They should have good knowledge of traffic safety and rules and can act intelligently in cases of traffic emergencies. Aside from traffic, he… Read More »

Policeman Job Duties

Policeman Duties When something goes wrong in the neighborhood, we would naturally call 911 for the police hoping that they would arrive on time and help in whatever trouble we may be in. Policemen are the ones who are in charge of ensuring the safety and protection of every individual in the society particularly the… Read More »

Military Job Duties

Military Duties Every citizen of a country is protected and defended by the Military group of the government. Military officers ensure that individual citizen’s rights are protected as covered in the country’s Constitution and By-Laws. Military officers and personnel will have act and respond to people’s needs according to their well-respected oath of office. Military… Read More »