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Fresher Job Duties

Those professionals, who have just joined a company or a business outfit or an enterprise, are referred to as fresher. Despite being new entrants, they have a number of responsibilities riding on their shoulders and they must make the most of their training. Often fresher have to undergo some amount of training before they are… Read More »

Trainee Snack Bar Attendant Job Duties

Trainee Snack Bar Attendant Duties Your job duty is to take food and drinks order from the customers and serve to them after they are prepared in the kitchen. While serving food and beverage to the customers you will be trained on how to maintain the politeness and see that all the food items are… Read More »

Tally Operator (accounting) Job Duties

Fresher – Tally Operator (accounting) Duties You must be well versed in the accounting language of Tally and oversee the preparation and maintenance of accounts statement on a day to day basis. The report needs to be presented to the members of the senior accounts team at the end of every week. You will primarily… Read More »

Fresher Telemarketing Executive Job Duties

Fresher Telemarketing Executive Duties A major duty of the telemarketing executive is to call up various customers in the target segment either using the existing data base or new purchase data base and net search. You will have to provide qualified leads and book appointments for the sales team, to generate new business. You will… Read More »

Proofreader Job Duties

Proofreader Duties The main job duty of a proofreader is to read between the lines and see it against the original copy and detect the typographical errors. He will also have to check whether desktop publisher has followed the use of same sizes and fonts and spacing and see that each page of the book… Read More »

Management Trainee Job Duties

Management Trainee Duties As a management trainee, you are expected to be hard working and shall be able to execute job duties at the higher levels. Since you are a fresher, you must have an appetite to learn all sorts of jobs in the various departments of the office. You will be placed in different… Read More »