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Fashion Design Assistant Job Duties

A person who works as an assistant to a fashion designer or any other person in the fashion industry is known as a fashion design assistant.  In some cases, fashion design assistants may not require any formal educational qualifications while in other cases, design assistants may need bachelor’s degree or an associate degree in fashion. … Read More »

Fashion Retail Job Duties

A fashion retail executive is a person who works for a fashion brand or in a fashion store as a retail executive and takes care of the sales aspect of the business. The retail store executive for a fashion store is in charge of selling of fashion merchandise, accessories or other items and makes sure… Read More »

Fashion Stylist Job Duties

A fashion stylist is a person who works in the fashion industry or with fashion retail stores to help people make fashion choices and suggest ways to build self- image through fashion.  The knowledge of fashion, style, trends and the industry is what helps a fashion stylist with his/her job.  These individuals are also often… Read More »

Fashion Merchandising Job Duties

A fashion merchandiser or merchandizing executive is a person who works in the fashion industry and takes care of several processing right from the production to the retail.  Fashion merchandizers help in product development, buying and selling fashion accessories and items, and fulfilling many such other duties and requirements. To work as a fashion merchandizer,… Read More »

Fashion Sales Assistant Job Duties

A fashion sales assistant is a person who works in a fashion retail store and assists customers and buyers in making purchases depending upon their taste, choice, requirement and size.  When a person visits a fashion retail store to buy clothes, shoes, accessories and other items, then a sales assistant makes sure that the shopping… Read More »

Beauty Consultant Job Duties

Beauty consultant job duties include assessing a person’s appearance and suggest him ways to improve it. He/She is required to provide tips on enhancing the beauty of his clients. Clients visit these professionals in order to seek advice on taking care of the skin, hair, nails, etc. Beauty consultants are also expected to help his… Read More »

Hair Salon Receptionist Job Duties

Hair Salon Receptionist job duties include greeting the customers who arrive at the salon and providing them the required information. These professionals are also required to answer to the customers’ queries over the phone. Though one does not require any specific degree in order to become a hair salon receptionist however, it is essential to… Read More »

Fashion Model Job Duties

Fashion model job duties include promoting various dresses, accessories, foot ware and latest fashion trends. Although there is no specific degree required for becoming a fashion model; attaining a degree in fashion merchandising or fashion designing helps in getting good opportunities. It is essential to possess confidence and also have a photogenic face if you… Read More »

Fashion Job Duties

Fashion job duties are duties which any professional working in the field of fashion are expected to perform. Every fashion duty has its own challenges and requires a specialized set of skills. These can be of many types: Fashion job duties can involve keeping up with current fashion trends. Thus, persons involved in such duties… Read More »

Portrait Photographer Job Duties

Portrait Photographer Job Duties include clicking photographs of individuals as well as group of people. In order to get into this position one is expected to have undergone a course in photography. A Portrait Photographer is expected to have an eye for detail in order to click beautiful and unique pictures. Portrait Photographer Job Duties… Read More »