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Process Engineer Job Duties

Process engineer’s job is to look after the design, operation, control and optimization of various processes. Process engineering covers an enormous array of industries including the petrochemical industry, mineral processing industry, food industry, pharmaceuticals industry, advanced material industry and biotechnological industry. The job of a process engineer is to design equipments, install control systems and start,… Read More »

Computer Lab Assistant Job Duties

Computer Lab Assistant job duties are basically assisting the students and other learners in the computer lab. The entire lab centric proceeding are managed and coordinated by Computer Lab Assistant. All the students and learners are supported and detailed about their scheme of operations by the Computer Lab Assistant. The management and maintenance of the… Read More »

Instructional Assistant Job Duties

An instructional assistant is one who offers support to the academic activities undertaken by the teaching staff in a school. The candidate provides support to the teaching staff in counseling and supervising the students in every possible manner. An instructional assistant is of utmost importance in school that has students with special needs such as… Read More »

Daycare Teacher Assistant Job Duties

A daycare teacher assistant is one who is responsible for providing assistance to the day care teacher. The candidate offers support to the day care teacher in completing all activities of the school. The daycare teacher assistant should be a very friendly person that children feel comfortable with and should help the teachers in maintaining… Read More »

Substitute Teacher Job Duties

A substitute teacher is an individual who has to conduct a class in the absence of a regular classroom teacher. They help the students to learn about a certain subject as per the scheduled syllabus. They do not have a particular classroom assigned and may have to teach various subjects. They need to give meaningful… Read More »

Health Teacher Job Duties

A health teacher specializes in teaching about health and wellness and also the process of maintaining healthy lifestyle. They educate students about the benefits of a good physical as well as mental health. The various health related topics taught by a health teacher include nutrition, sexual health, hygiene, ill effects of drug and alcohol abuse… Read More »

Technology Teacher Job Duties

A technology teacher is an individual who is responsible for teaching students in an educational institution any subject related to the field of technology. They play an important role in providing knowledge in the field of technology to the students. The various subjects taught by a technology teacher include computer science, electrical, mechanical communication technology,… Read More »

Secondary School Teacher Job Duties

A secondary school teacher is responsible for teaching particular one or more than one subject to students between the ages of eleven to eighteen in a secondary school.  They have to support, observe as well as maintain record of progress of the students in a certain class. A secondary school teacher should stay updated with… Read More »

Speech-Language Pathologists Job Duties

A speech-language pathologist is also known as a speech therapist. Such a pathologist works with patients who have developed or naturally have disorders related to speech, communication, language and difficulties with drinking, eating or swallowing. A candidate aspiring to be a speech-language pathologist must have proper training in the speech pathology and should hold at… Read More »

Dean Job Duties

A dean is a senior administrator of either a university or college. He administers and has authority of particular area of academics/study at school, college or university. The dean is responsible for forming academic policies and programs. He acts as a link between the chancellor, the students and parents. He is responsible for a number… Read More »