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Transportation Security Administration Job Duties

Transportation security job position is the position in which the individual administrates or manages the tasks related to the security of transportation. The positions are found in transport companies/ businesses as well as other businesses which require transportation of their goods, commodities or materials etc. It is essential to provide security for the transportation arrangements… Read More »

Environmental Consultant Job Duties

An environmental consultant is one who provides consultancy to clients with regard to different kinds of environmental issues. The environmental consultant job duties are diversified to different fields of environmental issues such as air, water, land and other kinds of pollutions. The candidate should have excellent analytical and mathematical skills to excel in this job.… Read More »

Immigration Consultant Job Duties

An immigration consultant is one who takes care of all the immigration procedures for the clients of the company. The candidate is required to possess thorough knowledge of the immigration rules such as visa rules, permit rules, legal issues etc. Immigration consultant job duties are numerous which require great acumen and communication skills to fulfill… Read More »

Research Consultant Job Duties

A research consultant is one who undertakes research for the company and effectively support crucial data analysis. Research consultant job duties are encompassive and provide a proper directive to the company in taking major decisions based on the research results. Many of the job duties undertaken by the research consultant are provided here below for… Read More »

Restaurant Consultant Job Duties

A restaurant consultant is one who helps the restaurant in solving all the problems that are likely to arise in a restaurant. Restaurant consultant job duties vary according to the kind of restaurant associated with but in general the duties are more or less the same. The job duties include activities related to human resources,… Read More »

Energy Consultant Job Duties

An energy consultant provides assistance to companies in managing the energy resources of the company in an efficient manner. The energy consultant is expected to posses good understanding of the various energy sources and their benefits as well. The energy consultant job duties revolve around the various energy management techniques and negotiations which are detailed… Read More »

Advertising Consultant Job Duties

An advertising consultant is a person who guides the clients in branding and promoting their products. Advertisement Consultants are always better judge of the exact promotional requirements for the products. For becoming an Advertisement Consultant one may need to have a sound knowledge of media and broadcasting industry. The candidate at this post must possess… Read More »

Design Consultant Job Duties

The job of design consultant is to give an idea to their customers about designing their interior, graphics, architectural structure, dress, boutique, banquet and much more. They suggest ideas that go well with the occasion and the place as per their customers’ choice. Many design consultants have their own firm and work individually while others… Read More »

SAP FICO Consultant Job Duties

The term SAP FICO Consultant suggests System Applications and Financial Accounts Controller Module Consultant. The role of the consultant in this process is to support and facilitate the client or the end consumer to select, implement and support the said FICO Module. The job needs intensive consulting skills, business acumen, expertise in SAP Solutions and… Read More »

Auto Sales Consultant Job Duties

Auto Sales Consultant is mainly responsible for looking after the daily working of a store or a showroom or a sales office of an organization. The candidate looks after incoming customers. To inform them about the product line, budget managements, loan opportunities, negotiations are some of the auto sales consultant job duties. It is also… Read More »