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Building Coordinator Job Duties

A building coordinator is like a custodian of the building who has to ensure that the facility users or residents have the best of services and the premises equipment is duly secured and well maintained. He/She has to formulate a proper plan and strategy related to the emergency response system for the building. The building… Read More »

Building Maintenance Technician Job Duties

A Building Maintenance Technician has to perform a variety of tasks such as inspecting, maintaining and repairing the mechanical as well as electrical systems of the building. He may even perform semi skilled duties such as painting, remodelling, carpentry and roofing. Building Maintenance Technician job duties are mentioned below in detail. Building Maintenance Technician Job… Read More »

General Contractor Job Duties

A general contractor is an individual who is responsible for overseeing the activities of a construction site on a daily basis. They also have to manage the vendors and communicate necessary information to parties that are involved in the construction process.  They are usually employed by the client on the advice of the architect of… Read More »

Leasing Agent Job Duties

A leasing agent is one who acts as a mediator between the lessor and lessee of a property. The candidate has many duties to fulfill which involves searching for property according to the client requirements, arranging meetings between the prospective clients, finalizing lease terms between both the parties, arranging documentation etc. They should be service… Read More »

Construction Job Duties

If you are planning to take up civil engineering as major, you may better have a look at the construction job duties in this section. Before joining any construction company it is very important for you to understand the construction job duties, as demand from the management may vary from companies and also across positions.… Read More »

Construction Contractor Job Duties

Construction Contractor job duties include planning the activities of the construction site in association with the construction manager and project head. He needs to see to it that all the construction tasks are being carried out as per the client’s requirement and budget set by him. Construction Contractor is also required to ensure that all… Read More »

General Contractor Job Duties

General Contractor Job Duties include planning the construction projects and working towards implementing various plans related to it. These professionals need to instruct the team handling the construction tasks to carry out the assigned tasks efficiently. General contractor is also required to review the work done by the construction team, guide them on performing different… Read More »

Construction Laborer Job Duties

The tasks assigned to a construction laborer involve a lot of physical labor. Construction laborer job duties include mixing cement, spreading paint, joining fixtures and other structural components, working with different construction tools, etc. It is essential to have proper knowledge about various paints, cements and other solutions. One must also have a good knowledge… Read More »

Construction Office Manager Job Duties

Construction Office Manager job duties include ensuring that all the documentation and paper work related to the ongoing construction projects is intact, working towards achieving the client’s expectations, dealing with the client, supervising the construction team, etc. One is required to have thorough knowledge about the construction field, the means to carry out various construction… Read More »

Construction Administrative Assistant Job Duties

Construction Administrative Assistant job duties include assisting the construction team in carrying out various tasks. He needs to follow the instructions given by the construction administrator and work on several tasks to help in the successful completion of the project. One needs to have a thorough knowledge about the construction field and the ability to… Read More »