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Bank Teller Job Requirements

If you would like to enter a financial company such as a bank, one of the best things you could do is to become a bank teller at the bank in question. The tellers learn to help with peoples savings and they also learn about everyday operations. The best thing about this position is that… Read More »

Offshore Banker Job Duties

Although having an offshore bank account seems something mystical and magical, there are more people using this kind of accounts than you would think. It is nice to talk about trendy things of this kind, but the truth is that the majority of the accounts of this kind are set up to save on tax… Read More »

Banking Job Duties

Banking jobs require people to have a good analytical skills as well as good experience of clerical and banking activities. The banking field provides lot of opportunities and scope for the people interested in the field. The people applying in the banking field should possess mathematical skills and good communication capabilities. The bank teller position… Read More »

Personal Banker Job Duties

Personal Banker job duties include assisting the clients visiting the bank branch with various account and finance related services, maintaining cordial relations with the clients, coordinating with other banking staff members in carrying out several banking related tasks, etc. Personal Banker is also required to handle a number of other tasks apart from the ones… Read More »

Mortgage Loan Originator Job Duties

Mortgage loan originator job duties include dealing with the clients, providing them information related to the mortgage loan products, processing the mortgage loan applications, guiding the clients on selecting mortgage loan products as per their requirement, monitoring the company’s mortgage loan expenditure, etc. One must have a thorough knowledge about different loan products and processes… Read More »

Mortgage Processor Job Duties

Mortgage processor job duties include reviewing the mortgage applications received from the clients, analyzing them, approving or denying them based on the information given, making mortgage recommendations to the clients and carrying out a number of other assigned tasks. It is suggested to undergo a degree in finance if you are aspiring to get into… Read More »

Mortgage Loan Processor Job Duties

Mortgage loan processor job duties include verifying the loan applications, approving or denying the loan requests, arranging them according to their type, meeting the clients and providing them information related to loan, preparing mortgage loan reports, etc. One needs to have complete information related to the loan terms attached to various mortgage loan products and… Read More »

Loan Counselor Job Duties

Loan Counselor job duties include guiding the clients on loan matters. He is required to check the loan eligibility of the perspective clients, suggest them various loan plans as per their requirement, provide them complete information related to the terms and conditions of the loan and handle various other related tasks. One must have effective… Read More »

Credit Specialist Job Duties

Credit specialist job duties include preparing new financial programs for the organization and improvising the existing ones after going through them. These professionals are mostly employed at financial institutions and require handling a number of other tasks which are mentioned below in detail. It is recommended to go for a bachelor’s degree in accounting or… Read More »

Bank Credit Analyst Job Duties

Bank credit analyst job duties include analyzing the financial statements in order to understand the details of the loan requested by the clients, identifying the risk involved in taking loan, acquiring the essential loan information, etc. It is very essential to have the ability to analyze the data minutely in order to become a Bank… Read More »