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Automobile Job Duties

The automobile job field offers a wide variety of job duties and offers for an individual. The person applying for the automobile job should have a thorough knowledge and idea of an automobile. He should know the functioning of the vehicle and the process of handling it. Incase of an automobile engineer, the individual has… Read More »

Automobile Sales Job Duties

Automobile Sales Duties Sales in Automobile industry are an important aspect. The Automobile Sales person needs to make strategies to maintain the sales of the firm and also to improve the services of the sales department.  The person is to make sales targets and budgets and achieve them. The Sales person is to be efficient… Read More »

Automobile Estimator Job Duties

Automobile Estimator Duties The Automobile Estimator job is to access the automobiles damage and accordingly estimating them and working out about it with the customers. Incase of an accident or damage, the estimator oversees the vehicle and estimates the overall damage and accesses it to the owners and customers. The primary work of the estimator… Read More »

Automobile Engineer Job Duties

Automobile Engineer Duties Automobile engineering is a profession where the engineers work at developing the image and appearance as well as the working technique of the automobile or other road vehicles. The automobile engineer is a person who uses engineering principles to develop and create automobiles and cars. The automobile engineer incorporates mechanical, electronic, electrical,… Read More »

Automobile Driving Instructor Job Duties

Automobile Driving Instructor Duties As an automobile driving instructor, your basic job duty will be to help the new drivers understand the rules of the road and the safe operation of a motor vehicle. Your job duty involves giving both driving training course in the classroom and also giving hands-on experience in an automobile or… Read More »

Car Sales Executives Job Duties

Car Sales Executives Duties As a car dealership sales worker, your basic job duty will be to approach and assist the new          potential customers who come to look at cars in the showroom. To get repeat business, it will   also be your job duty to continuously tap the old customers. You will have to contact… Read More »

Motor Vehicle Inspector Job Duties

Motor Vehicle Inspector Duties As a motor vehicle inspector, your primary duty will be to ensure that all vehicles are plying on the city roads as per in compliance with the government regulations and safety standards. You basic job duty will be to make those checks on a regular basis. Job Duties of a Motor… Read More »

Parts Manager Job Duties

Parts Manager Duties This position involves a lot of responsibilities and the person concerned must be experienced in distribution of parts and must have the tendency to perform in details and has to be a problem solver with superior customer service skills. You will have to work in an active environment and be able to… Read More »

Automobile Mechanic Job Duties

Automobile Mechanic Duties Your primary job duty will be to repair and overhaul the automobiles, buses, trucks, and other automotive vehicles. You will have to examine every vehicle and discuss in details with the customer how much cost and time will be needed to complete the repairing job of the vehicle. Job Duties of an… Read More »