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Agriculture Job Duties

Agriculture job duties include the management of agriculture crops and products. The agriculture field jobs are directed at improving and developing the agricultural crops and lands. The agricultural job field offers various posts like the agricultural scientist who strives at improving the agricultural fields. He with the use of modern techniques and tools of production… Read More »

Nursery Worker Job Duties

Nursery Worker Job Duties include taking care of the plants. They need to take care of the plants since the time the saplings are sown. A nursery worker must have knowledge about seeds, fertilizers, insecticides and must know how to raise the plants properly. Employers usually seek candidates having work experience in this field. Nursery… Read More »

Landscape Architect Job Duties

Landscape Architect Job Duties include designing the gardens, playgrounds, college campuses, shopping complexes and even the residential areas. They design these places to enhance their beauty. In order to get into this position one must have a degree in Landscape Architecture; having a relevant work experience serves as an added advantage. Landscape Architect Job Duties… Read More »

Agriculture Research Job Duties

Agriculture Research Job Duties include conducting research in various fields of agriculture. They may specialize in the study of animals, plants, pests, use of pesticides, seeds, or any other agricultural field. In order to get into this position a person must possess a bachelor’s degree in Science specializing in agriculture. Candidates with master’s degree in… Read More »

Landscape Gardener Job Duties

Landscape Gardener Job Duties include planning and constructing garden landscapes. He is expected to work upon beautifying landscape gardens and maintain them. They are usually hired by the landscaping contractors and homeowners. A Landscape Gardener must have a high school diploma or equivalent. A bachelor’s degree in Landscape Architecture is an added advantage. Landscape Gardener… Read More »

Wildlife Biologist Job Duties

Wildlife Biologists Job Duties include conducting research on the origin of animals and their life stages. Some of them even work as teachers. Candidates seeking this position must possess a Bachelor of Science in Wildlife Biology. For a senior Wildlife Biologist position one may require advance degree and experience in this field. Wildlife Biologist Job… Read More »

Geologist Job Duties

A Geologist is involved in sharing information about geological findings by way of writing the research papers, discussing about it seminars and conferences. They also conduct special sessions on Geological Science at the universities and institutes. On must have a degree in Geological Science and possess thorough knowledge about the subject in order to get… Read More »

Dairy Manager Job Duties

Dairy Manager Job Duties include managing various tasks at a dairy in order to ensure that the business runs smoothly. They need to take care of the finances and make strategies to generate revenue. In order to get into this position one must have thorough knowledge about the various tasks handled at the dairy. Dairy… Read More »

Agricultural Technician Job Duties

An Agricultural Technician is involved in the preparation of laboratory samples for the purpose of conducting analysis. Agricultural Technician Job Duties include collecting samples, maintaining reports, operating equipments and several other tasks. In order to get into this position one must have thorough knowledge about the use of various equipments and the methods of performing… Read More »

Farm Manager Job Duties

Farm Manager Job Duties involve looking after the animals and the crops. They also plan strategies to get the maximum yield, maintain the farm in the best possible manner and handle various other activities. In order to get into this position one must have thorough knowledge about rearing the animals and maintaining the farm. Farm… Read More »