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Administration Clerk Job Duties

Administration clerk or administrative clerk is the individual positioned at one of the base levels in the administration department of an organisation. The administrative clerk has a number of responsibilities and duties that he or she must fulfil. In the broadest of sense, the administration clerk has to perform various clerical tasks in administration to… Read More »

Business Administration Job Duties

Business administration is the segment of the business which encompasses all tasks ranging from managing operations, making arrangements and doing all that is needed for smooth operations. Most of what the business administrator may be required to do include the day to day operations of the business. To meet all the requirements of this position… Read More »

Contract Administration Job Duties

Managing the contracts is an important part of any business organisation. Ensuring that every contract is managed properly and that all related tasks are fulfilled implies that other business operations will go on in a timely manner. The contract administration jobs are thus of importance in all businesses. The job description for the position of… Read More »

General Administration Job Duties

General administration is a very broad term which includes number of tasks, duties and responsibilities. The general administration duties however are circled around the day to day and general administrative tasks. These tasks are found to be similar across all businesses and entities. The individual appointed at the position of the administrator is thus assigned… Read More »

Executive Administrative Assistant Job Duties

The post of executive administrative assistant has a varied degree of duties and roles. They may work as secretaries, front office executive and as an administrator. If you are seeking a front or back office position and are comfortable working for long hours in front of computer then this job is perfectly suitable for you.… Read More »

HR Administrative Assistant Job Duties

The greatest asset of a company is its people, so, it is imperative to focus on them. Here a Human Resource assistant plays a vital role. HR administrative assistant sees the effective management of employees in an organization. A Human Resources assistant is involved in the recruitment process, may be required to conduct induction program,… Read More »

Project Analyst Job Duties

A project analyst is a junior or mid-level employee in a company who works under the project head or project manager and performs many analytic duties.  He/she analyses the feasibility and application of the project and reviews the paperwork. To make note of the requirements of the project and its practicality in terms of the… Read More »

Project Planner Job Duties

Project planner is one of the positions that together form the project managing team in any organisation. At times the role of the project planner may coincide with that of the project manager. In a general broad sense the project planner has to fulfil all the key responsibilities related with the project development, analysis and… Read More »

Maintenance Coordinator Job Duties

A Maintenance Coordinator is an employee appointed to look after the repair, maintenance and replacement of equipments in a factory or at a site to ensure smooth functioning of production. Any fault in the equipment is first reported to the Maintenance Coordinator who ensures that the machine is back to its working condition. Maintenance Coordinator… Read More »

Dental Office Manager Job Duties

Dental office Manager Job duties involve assisting and co-ordinating the smooth functioning of a dental office. Dentists are busy medical professionals who have to manage the patients thus they hire Dental office Managers to look after their dental office or clinic while they are busy treating their patients. Dental office Manager supervises the entire administrative… Read More »