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Cash Accounting Clerk Job Duties

A cash accounting clerk is one who performs all clerical duties which relate to book-keeping, auditing and cash management. The candidate is expected to possess good calculation and mathematics background to be eligible for this position. The clerk has the duty of managing all the cash transactions including monitoring it every day without any deviation.… Read More »

Accounting Coordinator Job Duties

An accounting coordinator is one who acts as an intermediary between the accounts receivable and accounts payable departments in an organization. The primary duty of an accounting coordinator is to ensure smooth flow of work between the accounting departments by coordinating activities and paper work that is necessary. Some of the accounting coordinator job duties… Read More »

Real Estate Accountant Job Duties

A real estate accountant is one who provides accounting support to the real estate organizations. The candidate has many duties to fulfill and thus requires to be a qualified accountant along with holding a license to provide the services to the clients. The candidate should be very skilled and possess extensive knowledge of the real… Read More »

Management Accountant Job Duties

Management accountant is one who provides assistance to various departments of the company in taking key financial decisions at all levels. The candidate is required to possess excellent mathematical and analytical skills to perform well on the job. Management accountant job duties include providing assistance in protecting the financial information of the company, drafting key… Read More »

Property Accountant Job Duties

A property accountant has a major role to play in the real estate industry. The candidate has many job duties to fulfill which requires skill, expertise and experience as well. The property accountant is responsible for taking care of all the property related financial matters and reports on a regular basis. The candidate should be… Read More »

Certified Public Accountant Job Duties

A certified public accountant is one who is licensed by the state board of accountants and provides advice to the clients on personal financial planning. Certified public accountant job duties involve financial planning, financial goal setting, insurance planning, risk management, estate planning, education planning, tax planning etc. The job duties of a certified public accountant… Read More »

Entry Level Accountant Job Duties

An entry level accountant is one who is in charge of maintaining the basic financial information of the company. The tasks performed by an entry level accountant are of routine nature and does not require the candidate to be highly skilled though good educational background is necessary. Some of the entry level accountant job duties… Read More »

Accounting Administrative Assistant Job Duties

The main role of accounting administrative assistant is to handle administrative and accounting duties for management. The job duties of these professionals include doing office tasks, communicating with the management and handling various accounts related tasks. He/she needs to maintain the accounts, prepare cheques, create budget, fill tax, submit tax forms, compile financial records, etc.… Read More »

Accounts Job Duties

If you have decided to choose accounts as your profession, then you must have some idea of accounts job duties of a professional. By going through the different job duties mentioned in this section, you can clearly see for yourself and decide whether you will be able to take up accounts as your career in… Read More »

Financial Accountant Job Duties

Financial Accountant job duties involve handling various financial tasks of the company including the preparation of financial statements, reports, documentation of financial transactions. These professionals are also involved in setting the company’s budget for various activities. In order to become a financial accountant one needs to have a degree in accountancy or finance. Some work… Read More »