Cashier Job Duties

By | April 25, 2011

Cashier Duties

Have you experienced going to a supermarket or a department and you had to wait in long queue because the cashier was single-handily attending to the customers? How you wished there were more cashiers then!

A cashier is someone who receives and disburses money to customers, be it in banks or at any shop. However, a cashier’s work does not only entail receiving and disbursing money. His/her work is actually more than just that.

Cashier Job Duties

  • Maintain a cheerful attitude and an approachable look towards clients and customers
  • Receive checks, credit cards, voucher, debit cards, discount coupons
  • Quick in handling these cards and quick to respond to the customers
  • Quickly calculate the items to be charged to the customers
  • Issue slips, refunds, change or receipts responsibly.
  • Count the money left on the drawer before starting off the shift the next day to avoid discrepancies to transactions on that day
  • Manage faster transaction, when there is a rush at the counter at any given time
  • Aware of the prices of goods and materials, and use calculators and cash registers intelligently
  • Understand and try to solve customer’s complaints
  • Cash in checks for the customers
  • Weigh items properly

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