Cash Management Assistant Job Duties

By | August 7, 2010

Cash Management Assistant Duties

Being a Cash Management Assistant you will have to perform a variety of administrative and cash management activities for Assistant Treasurer in the bank.  You should prepare all documentation related to the opening of bank accounts, adding and deleting account signers, board resolutions, preparing authorization letters, signatory cards and other forms required by the banking institutions.

Job Duties of Cash Management Assistant

  • Enter the bank data from the bank activity reports into a daily cash sheet using an Excel spreadsheet. Input cash activity for upload.
  • Determine cash position with each bank and transfer funds as required to balance cash levels.
  • Prepare correspondence as needed and assemble information which may be required to go together with such correspondence.
  • Balance master bank accounts every day with the general ledger.
  • Investigate and resolve settlement items as required and assist subsidiaries with reconciliation as requested.
  • Your job duty also includes accessing management banks via computer daily, retrieving data regarding bank account activity at all banks and taking hard copies.
  • Take initiatives in several wire transfers regularly for all cash funding and payment needs.
  • Open and review mail, distribute or take action on incoming items as appropriate, order departmental supplies.
  • You must maintain records of all authorized signers for WEC and all subsidiaries.

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