Cash Accounting Clerk Job Duties

By | June 12, 2014

A cash accounting clerk is one who performs all clerical duties which relate to book-keeping, auditing and cash management. The candidate is expected to possess good calculation and mathematics background to be eligible for this position.

The clerk has the duty of managing all the cash transactions including monitoring it every day without any deviation. There are many cash accounting clerk job duties which have been enumerated below.

Cash Accounting Clerk Job Duties

  • Entering and maintaining transactions related to cash, credit card and finances which are of routine nature.
  • Evaluation of cash transactions to ensure that there is compliance according to the standard cash accounting procedures and organization policy.
  • Handle all day to day administrative activities which relate to transactions of cash by maintaining the cash vouchers and bills date wise on a daily basis.
  • Provide analysis and reports for cash transactions when requested by the management in either paper or electronic form.
  • Assist other accounting teams in tallying vouchers related to cash on a quarterly, half yearly and annual basis.
  • ┬áKeeps control of cash receipts and payments including petty cash transactions which occur on a regular basis.
  • The cash accounting clerk is also responsible for compilation and balancing of the cash account of the company every day without fail.
  • The clerk is also required to prepare the salary statement of all the employees in the company including preparing cheques and disbursement every month.
  • Even providing assistance to the accounting department in preparation of the annual income and expenditure budget is one of the duties that a cash accounting clerk has to fulfill.
  • Keeping track of all cash invoices and ensuring to nullify the entries every month mandatorily.
  • Reconciles all bank account transactions every day in order to ensure that there is no misuse of funds by any department at any point of time.

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