Carpenter Job Duties

By | February 28, 2012

Carpenter Job Duties include working with different tools for creating and mending doors, windows, furniture and various other things. A carpenter is expected to be skilled in his work for which he may undergo training. Employers prefer candidates with a high school diploma and some work experience in this field.

Carpenter Job Duties

  • Carpenters are expected to maintain various buildings and facilities
  • They are required to inspect the buildings and other areas and see if any repair work is required.
  • They need to build new doors, windows, furniture such as beds, sofas, chairs, tables, etc. Carpenters are also involved in the repair work of these items.
  • They are required to monitor the weather stripping and replace them if required.
  • Carpenters are required to maintain the interiors of the buildings and other structures
  • They need to see to it that the exteriors of the buildings and other structures are intact. Carpenters are required to repair them if required
  • They are required to lay the foundations of the buildings
  • Carpenters are required to prepare material for the cement framing
  • Carpenters are required to mix and pour the cements and create cement forms for performing various carpentry tasks
  • They need to frame the doors and windows
  • They are required to do the finishing work of the already constructed buildings
  • Carpenters are required to operate the carpentry tools to perform various tasks.
  • They are also required to maintain these tools and adjust them as per their requirement.
  • They need to maintain a log of the tasks performed by them

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