Carman Job Duties

By | July 2, 2010

Carman Duties

A carman ensures the compliance with all railroad policies and regulations for security, safety and operations. Apart from these duties your chief responsibilities would be repairing, painting, metal cutting, replacing doors and construction of the general cars. You will have to identify or asses defective parts of a vehicle and execute required corrective measures.

Job Duties of Carman

  • Inspect and recover car components from dismantled and/or scrapped cars.
  • Scrutinize and apply end-of-train piece of equipment and carry out airbrake tests.
  • Clean, grease and maintain tie-down gears and other special equipments on railroad cars.
  • Eliminate and change couplers, d yokes and raft gears.
  • Examine, replace or repair gaskets, bulkhead, air hose, train line and other interior load restrictive equipment, steel sections for instance side sheets, crossties, cross bearers and under framing.
  • You will have to paint cars and other car parts as well as stencil letters and numbers on the cars.
  • Building and repairing car parts like freight doors, wooden floors or interior walls will be your duties.
  • You will have to fabricate big jigs and fittings and utilize them to assemble parts on car.
  • After straightening or fabricating, you need to replace steel parts including grab irons, brackets, handholds, ladders, steps and patching components.
  • Control light and heavy cranes, fork lifts, in addition to other car moving shop equipments.

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