Car Sales Executives Job Duties

By | August 7, 2010

Car Sales Executives Duties

As a car dealership sales worker, your basic job duty will be to approach and assist the new          potential customers who come to look at cars in the showroom. To get repeat business, it will   also be your job duty to continuously tap the old customers. You will have to contact the old customers regularly to see that if they are interested to make a new purchase.

Job Duties of a Car Sales Executive

  • When ever a customer enters a showroom, as sales personnel you will have to find out first how much amount the customers are willing to spend. It will also be your duty to see what size, model and features the customer prefers in his car.
  • Your major job duty will be to discuss the cars with the customers in the showroom and see which ones interest their customers the most. After that, you will have to emphasize the features you may think will make the car attractive to a particular buyer.
  • Because the vehicles are such a major investment, most car buyers must finance their purchases. As an auto sales person, you must know the details of financing to help their customers make arrangements for loans.

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