Campus Security Job Duties

By | January 4, 2012

A Campus Security official is hired to ensure security in the school or college campus. These officials make use of a number of methods in order to safeguard the campus area. A person is expected to have a high school diploma or equivalent in order to get this job. However, most organizations ask for a relevant work experience too.

Campus Security Job Duties

  • The Campus Security officials need to ensure safety and security in and around the campus area.
  • They must promote a favourable learning environment
  • They are required to be alert at all times in order to prevent any kind of nuisance in the campus
  • The Campus Security officials should take rounds of the entire campus at regular intervals. They must walk through the hallways, grounds, parking area, common room, corridors, etc in order to keep a check on the campus activities.
  • They are also expected to intervene and stop any kind of verbal or physical encounter amongst the students
  • The Campus Security officials need to prepare strict policies regarding the code of conduct which should be followed at the school campus. Also they would punish anyone found violating these policies.
  • They must keep a watch on the students, especially during the lunch time
  • They are required to work with the school administrators for investigating about illegal activities going on in the campus area.
  • At times, they may even check and record the student attendance.
  • They also assist the staff members and administrators during emergency situations such as bomb threats, fire, lockdowns, etc.

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