Call Agent Job Duties

By | April 25, 2011

Call Agent Duties

Call centers now seem like hospitals, as they have to work and open 24/7. As a result, call center agents are also having very hectic schedules and pressure –filled environment at work. However, because of the nature of work, pay can be a little better others in the office, depending on the company and the agent’s education and experience. The general purpose of the work is to answer incoming calls to take orders, answer questions, handle complaints, fix problems and provide information, so the agent’s ability to communicate, especially the command of the English language will be greatly advantageous.


Call Agent Job Duties

  • Answering phones professionally
  • Researching information on available resources
  • Providing customers with product and service information
  • Processing orders, forms and applications of customers
  • Routing calls to appropriate resource
  • Following up customer calls as necessary
  • Knowledgeable in its type of task as a call agent
  • Attend training and seminars that is necessary to be more efficient and effective in its role as a call agent person
  • Available at all times to attend the necessary calls from its client
  • Prompt in answering all the calls as better assistance to their clients
  • Respectful at all times of conversation


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