CAD Technician Job Duties

By | January 4, 2012

A CAD technician prepares designs for buildings and machinery by using CAD systems. A CAD technician or computer-aided design technician’s work basically involves manufacturing different electronic adaptations of technical drawings which are first created on a paper. A computer-aided design technician has the option of working in different industries including manufacturing, engineering and construction.


CAD Technician Job Duties


  • A CAD technician is expected to develop designs with the use of CAD hardware and software. The sketches or layouts of these designs are provided to them by engineers and architects.


  • In certain cases, he also prepares the initial sketches of the design.


  • He looks at the drawings and compares them with the requirement of the project and makes necessary changes.


  • The CAD technicians make some improvisations in these sketches in order to bring out a quality product.


  • He works with the engineers in order to confirm the accuracy of the design, drafting standards and other essential components that require an engineer’s intervention.


  • He needs to engage in activities such as maintenance of file, taking its backup and storage.


  • When need arises the CAD Technician also backs the field verification efforts


  • He needs to collect all the information and other essential data for the design


  • He is required to interact with the engineers, architects, clients and contractors in order to accomplish the project


  • He is expected to maintain AutoCAD and even work on the technical issues


  • He must upgrade the software regularly


  • He should stay updated with the latest technological advancements so as to perform better.



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