Cable Technician Job Duties

By | January 19, 2012

Cable Technicians are basically involved in installing cable TV and internet services at residences and offices. They also provide cable maintenance and repair services. In order to become a Cable Technician one needs to have a high school diploma. Their employers provide them some training on the same before starting with the work.

Cable Technician Job Duties

  • Cable technicians are involved in the installation of Cable TV lines at residences and even for businesses.
  • They also install cable lines for providing internet services at residences and offices.
  • Cable technicians are also involved in repair work of the cable lines.
  • Their job profile includes maintenance of cable line and wiring.
  • Cable technicians also repair cable poles and amplifiers at residences and for businesses. These services are rendered to those who have subscribed to their cable services.
  • They even work on the feeder lines that provide services at various houses.
  • They also carry out the task of scanning the customer’s cable systems. This scanning procedure is carried out electronically in order to identify possible issues that may arise in the cable wiring.
  • They take care of the cable systems that are connected to more than one TV set or computer system.
  • Cable technicians maintain the main cable lines and see to it that the customers enjoy uninterrupted cable service.
  • They provide complete service support in case there is any problem in the cable line.
  • Keep a check on the equipment that provides cable TV and internet services to the customers and make sure that it works fine and gives the desired output.

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