Business Administrator Job Duties

By | December 2, 2010

Business Administrator Duties

A business administrator maintains every aspect of a business in order to maintain its growth and stability. The administrator supervises every aspect of the business to ensure smooth running of the business. The administrator manages the workforce, business policies and carrying out of the business deals effectively. The business administrator may be of any corporate business firm, small agency or any other organization.

Business Administrator Job Duties

  • Supervise the daily operations relating to managing a business of the business organization.
  • Performing managerial functions like planning, controlling, organizing and directing activities of the company.
  • Directing strategic goals and policies for the company to achieve its targets and make maximum business.
  • Work in collaboration with the different departments as finance, human resource, accounting, management for effective business operations.
  • Connected with companies and clients to ensure effective business deals coming in.
  • Prepare paperwork of business deals and contracts policies.
  • Maintained records of paperwork and create reports on the evaluation of deals and share them with other managerial staff.
  • Represented the company in business events and professional issues to promote the company work and status.
  • Promote effective networking interaction to increase deals and businesses.
  • Lead the staff into effective working capabilities and controlled the working scenario of the organization to make it efficient and productive.
  • Responsible for overlooking the working progress of the new employees.

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