Bus Driver Job Duties

By | January 3, 2012

A bus driver is a person who drives a private, government or public bus. A bus driver must be eligible to handle a huge vehicle with large mass and weight and must be an expert of the driving technique. Any person who takes up the job of a bus driver must be aware of the different safety measures he needs to take to ensure the safety of the passengers as well as the bus. Given below are the different job duties of a bus driver:

Bus Driver Job Duties:

  • A bus driver must necessarily have a driving license of the state in which he has taken up the bus driver job.
  • He must be aware of all the routes of the city in which he is stationed, in case of a local bus driving job whereas he must be well versed with different routes of different cities in case of an outstation bus driving job.
  • A bus driver must take necessary precautions while driving as he is responsible for the safety of all the passengers travelling in his bus.
  • He must be well versed with the different traffic rules and guidelines and must follow and obey them.
  • A bus driver must be eligible to change the tyre of the bus and take of the mechanical aspect in case of break down or any other problem.
  • A bus driver must show commitment towards his job and must be focussed mainly on driving the vehicle safely and not engaging in interacting with the passengers.

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