Building Coordinator Job Duties

By | March 18, 2014

A building coordinator is like a custodian of the building who has to ensure that the facility users or residents have the best of services and the premises equipment is duly secured and well maintained.

He/She has to formulate a proper plan and strategy related to the emergency response system for the building. The building coordinator is the link between the residents of the building and agencies involved in routine activities and operations of the building. Building Coordinator job duties are mentioned below in detail.

Building Coordinator Job Duties

  • A Building coordinator has to maintain all the facilities in the building. These facilities could be related to elevators, housekeeping, security, equipment, or anything else which come under the confines of the property.
  • A building coordinator has to conduct meetings with the occupants and staff. He/She also has to frame policies, procedures and post notices to ensure the smooth functioning of the building.
  • It is also the duty of the building coordinator to educate the facility users and the staff about all the fire fighting and emergency procedures in case of a calamity or emergency.
  • A building coordinator has to liaison with all the authorised departments to process all the regulations and procedures applicable to the security and maintenance of the building.
  • He/She has to ensure that the security personnel come on time and is duly designated for every area of the building.
  • A building coordinator has to maintain all the records and ensure that all the documents are in due order.
  • He/She also has to appoint contractors and service providers to check, evaluate, modify and update the services rendered by them.
  • It is the duty of the building coordinator to keep a check on all the inventories, update the same and ensure to procure all the equipments needed to maintain the facilities.
  • He/She also has to coordinate with facility users or occupants to seek their feedback, suggestions and incorporate the same for the betterment of the building and create a winning environment in the physical space.

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