Building Contractor Job Duties

By | April 25, 2011

Building Contractor Duties

With the many buildings – high rise or not; residential or commercial; public or private – we can somehow see that being a building contractor is financially rewarding, but at the same time challenging because of the complex scope he covers in a project. He is the one who interacts and discusses things with the clients, workers, and building professional like architects and other engineers at times. He needs to be able to manage his time well in order to attend to all his duties as a building contractor.

Building Contractor Job Duties

  • Plan and implement the plan to carry out the construction project
  • Calculate and correctly estimate the quantity and cost of materials, total cost of the project, total building costs including manpower
  • Do his research regarding relevant regulations and law pertaining to the construction
  • Keep a detailed account of the costs and labor
  • Ensure the delivery of materials and equipment, and the hiring of workers
  • Deal with all emergencies and surprises related to the project and occur on-site and sometimes off-site as well
  • Finish the project according to specifications and time schedule as necessary

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