Builder Job Duties

By | December 2, 2010

Builder Duties

A builder is a professional who takes up projects of construction buildings and construction structures and implements them. He is responsible for managing the project evaluation and in bringing it to reality. He is the lead or the main person in the project. He accesses the sites, supervises project works and manages employees and also other departments relating to the construction project. He is in other words a contractor who takes up the contract of building a construction site.

Builder Job Duties

  • Engaged employees and workers for additional workforce in the projects.
  • Reviewed constructions sites for their progress and reports.
  • Interacted with engineers and workers to access the want of materials and resources.
  • Surveyed projects and selected the required ones for implementation
  • Assisted in designing projects and formulating blueprints.
  • Supervised site work and accessed progress
  • Prepared daily construction tags for ongoing projects.
  • Supervised field building work of the various projects on building sites.
  • Prepared budgets and cost analysis for overall construction.
  • Met with supervisors and inspectors on sites to analyze building progress and development reports.
  • Designed blueprints for building sites and acquired conformation approval papers from the housing board for building in sites.
  • Conducted field measurements of building sites and surveyed project site.
  • Supervised designs prepared for commercial complexes and multiplexes.
  • Managed building contracts with clients.
  • Supervised supply of building materials and movement of heavy machineries.

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