Broadcast Traffic Coordinator Job Duties

By | October 7, 2013

Broadcast traffic coordinator job duties are to regulate, prioritize and broadcast the programs effectively. The broadcast traffic coordinator will require a degree in mass media, visual communications or diploma in media or marketing. The candidate is required to be very smart and handle the programs efficiently.

The candidate will have to be strong in business administration also. The role requires the coordinator to manage accounts, payments and provide functional updates to the higher management. Some responsibilities of broadcast traffic coordinator are seen below.

Broadcast Traffic Coordinator Job Duties

  • Lead all the assignments with respect to social media; coordinate with all the area heads and broad cast programs accordingly.
  • Has to take business initiatives and come up with advertising plans and widen the business.
  • Develop and execute the plans and define new strategies to choose the right program, and coordinate press engagements and improve the scope of the company.
  • Maintain a web database of the entire broadcast, and take regular back up’s.
  • Maintain confidentiality of the programs and broadcasts and adhere to the rules and regulations of the government. Follow the broadcast policies, promptly.
  • Develop strategies and have a tactical approach, during the press and media engagements.
  • Identify the present market trend, and identify brands and information which will improve company’s value, as well as give a good identity.
  • Coordinate with the financial department on the terms and payment for respective broadcasts and follow up till the payment is received.
  • Coordinating with internal as well as external clients, to find about the latest trends in electronic media advertising and broadcasting such programs.
  • Allotment of slots to the programs, based on the prime time methodology.
  • Take right decisions on the timing, content and advertising strategies for all the broadcast. Escalate to concerned people, for any further help.
  • Have to develop very good relationship with the media, press and internal people.

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