Broadcast Technician Job Duties

By | August 9, 2010

Broadcast Technician Duties

The main job duty of a broadcast technician is to control the audio devices and regulate the quality of sound in radio or television broadcasts. An efficient broadcast technician will ensure that sound is received properly by the common viewers while listening or watching the show. He will have to see that mouth of the actor coinciding with the sound.

Job Duties of a Broadcast Technician

  • One of your major job duties is to ensure that the music accompanying the show is proper. During the entire show, you will have to ensure that the quality of sound is superb.
  • Another important job duty is to monitor the strength, clearness, and reliability of incoming as well as outgoing signals. You should adjust the settings of equipment, if necessary, to maintain the quality of the signals.
  • While controlling a video show, your duty will be to regulate the reliability, intensity, and contrast of video transmissions.
  • You will also have to observe, monitor, and converse with different station personnel in order to determine the video and audio levels and to ensure that the programs are airing.
  • You should also preview scheduled programs to make sure that the signals are OK and that the programs are ready for broadcast.

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