Bridal Consultant Job Duties

By | February 28, 2012

Bridal Consultant Job Duties include planning weddings. He needs to handle a number of responsibilities to make various arrangements at a wedding. Bridal consultants usually own small businesses and acquire new clients. They may even be employed at a company handling this business. A candidate must have good inter-personal skills to handle this task.

Bridal Consultant Job Duties

  • Bridal Consultants are required to assist the wedding couple and his family in making various arrangements for the wedding
  • They are required to understand the budget of their clients and make the best possible arrangement as per it
  • They need to look for an appropriate venue for the wedding
  • Bridal Consultants need to help their clients in preparing the guest list
  • They are required to look for different caterers and then choose the best one amongst them
  • Bridal Consultants help in choosing the wedding band
  • They may even advertise and sell certain bridal products
  • Bridal Consultants may also be involved in deciding the wedding dress for the bride and the groom
  • They provide the option for different themes that can be used for the wedding. They are required to elaborate the theme designs and help their clients understand the various available themes
  • Bridal Consultants help their clients in choosing an appropriate theme as per their budget and ensure that the decorations are done as per the chosen theme
  • They help the clients in deciding the designs for the wedding invitation cards as well as the content to be written on it
  • Bridal Consultants need to coordinate with different suppliers for arranging flowers, balloons, food, drinks and various other items.

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