Branch Manager Job Duties

By | March 25, 2014

A Branch Manager is a person appointed to oversee or manage a branch or a division of a business organisation. This is a very demanding designation where it is important to keep a hawk’s eye on every segment of the business like management, sales, administration, logistics, finance, business development, sourcing, hiring and firing the team.

This designation demands resilience, good communication skills, effective listening skills and a broad vision and foresight to anticipate and navigate the pitfalls of the day to day business and set up an environment to win. Below given is a list of the major branch manager job duties.

Branch Manager Job Duties

  • A Branch Manager is accountable to the higher management for the smooth functioning of the daily operations of the company.
  • A Branch Manager must ensure that all the projects and targets are duly met in the stipulated time frame and ensure that each and every team member is accountable for his actions.
  • A Branch Manager has to keep the management constantly updated on the management and operational policies and procedures of the branch office.
  • A Branch Manager must communicate and convey all the important and intricate details of the operations to the management and seek opinions and instructions for the same.
  • A Branch Manager must ensure that the branch is functioning in compliance with all the laws, rules and regulations and at no point any unethical or immoral practise is opted by the team to secure business.
  • A Branch Manager has to keep a tight vigil on the financial and audit procedures of the branch and ensure that the accounts are duly verified and sent to the head office.
  • A Branch Manager must appoint a formidable team, which has expertise to handle the smooth functioning of the office and if needed the Branch Manager may sack non performers and also form a warm rapport with his team and create a harmonious environment.
  • A Branch Manager is the face of the entire organisation and the designation equals that of an ambassador of the company, who at all times must protect the integrity of the organisation.

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