Bookkeeper Job Duties

By | April 25, 2011

Bookkeeper Duties

A bookkeeper is someone who literally keeps the books of a company, but keeping books –transaction books. The main job of a bookkeeper is to keep well-maintained books of the company he works for. All the transactions of the company are for the bookkeeper to record. It is a respectable job, but duties and responsibilities may vary depending on the company’s needs and requirements. The bookkeeper also has to make sure to maintain all the bills and receipts ready for reference for any future transaction. He also needs to draw the trail balance and balance sheet of the company by the end of the year. A bookkeeper might cover simple or complex area of work depending on the company he works for.

Bookkeeper Job Duties

  • Reconcile and balance accounts
  • Maintain subsidiary books
  • Prepare payroll payments
  • Find out, if there’s any, errors while recording, posting or balancing any account
  • Follow rules related to accounting in the country in which the company is operating
  • Maintain confidentiality of job assigned
  • Analyze and summarize book of accounts
  • Ensure completeness of general ledger and other accounting documents at all times
  • Work hand in hand with its accounting staff
  • Strictly follow and abide by the rules and regulations mandated by their company policy and procedures.
  • Knowledgeable in operating accounting software at all times.

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