Book Keeper Job Duties

By | July 15, 2011

Book Keeper Duties

The main duty of a book keeper is to make a perfect record of all the financial transactions after confirming every detail. He has to keep the financial data which is available in various forms such as receipts, computer printouts and sales invoices and kept them in account book or in the form of computer files. The duty of the bookkeepers varies from company to company.

Job duties of Book Keeper

  • This duty is to keep all the financial records in the form of files or he has to maintain a database on the computer.
  • He has to balance the accounts of the book and verify each and every account perfectly so that it cannot be match up with the others.
  • He has to accumulate reports time to time which basically deal with cash receipts, profit, loss and expenditure and other basic statistics.
  • Bookkeeper is the in charge of all the wages that are given to the employees and maintain a record for the future preference. He also prepares check for the wages.
  • He has to maintain and keep a track of file withholding and manages a record of social security and other tax reports.
  • His duty is to calculate, types mails and monthly statements of the customers.

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