Beautician Job Duties

By | April 25, 2011

Beautician Duties

People always want to look good at all times and in all places as possible. Before only women were known for aesthetic and vanity sense, but now even men are also concerned about that.

So often, then, we go to a beautician for our beauty needs from the tips of our hair to the toes of the feet. Beautician’s job has already expanded that in any and every area where beautification is needed; a beautician will be called for. Beautician may work in a shop or do home-service to customers. Whichever is the case, the beautician works for people – beautiful or beautiful-to-be?

Beautician Job Duties

  • Analyze the customer’s beauty needs
  • Provide appropriate treatments and advice to customer’s needs
  • Suggest flattering styles according to physical features, face and body built and current trends
  • Suggest cosmetics depending on skin type and color
  • Have the best knowledge and idea on the latest fashion
  • Hone creative and artistic sense to come up with up-to-date styles
  • Help the client to improve his/ her personal appearance as possible
  • Specialize on aspect like hair, fingernails or face and make-up
  • Maintain good rapor and better customer service
  • Maintain good professional relations among the clients at all times.

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