Banquet Server Job Duties

By | December 4, 2012

Banquet servers work for food and beverage facilities which provide food to large group of people. Banquet halls host various events and parties as per the order received from different clients and banquet server job duties include serving food, beverage and providing certain other services to the guests who come to these events and parties.

Employers look for candidates having good communication skills, good mannerisms and pleasing personality for the position of a banquet server. The candidate should also be attentive, should be able to work in association with the other team members and have knowledge about various food items and beverages.

Banquet Server Job Duties

  • Banquet Server is required to greet the guests who come to the parties, events and weddings hosted in their banquet.
  • Banquet Server is required to spread linen on the tables and place covers on the chairs appropriately before the guests arrive.
  • Banquet Server needs to fill the water pitcher for the guests and place them on every table.
  • Banquet Server also needs to brew the coffee before the party/ event/ wedding begins.
  • Banquet Server needs to place sugar bowls, salt, pepper, ketchups and other essential items on the tables before the arrival of the guests.
  • Banquet Server is required to arrange the china on tables before the party or event starts.
  • Banquet Server may assist the kitchen staff in cutting the salad and handling various other small kitchen related tasks.
  • Banquet Server needs to serve food and beverages to the guests during the parties and events.
  • Banquet Server needs to ensure that every guest is attended properly and served food.
  • Banquet Server also needs to clear the dishes side by side as the guests have their food.
  • Banquet Server needs to ensure that the banquet is kept clean and tidy while the party/event is going on.

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