Banquet Coordinator Job Duties

By | December 22, 2012

The position of a banquet coordinator is that of great responsibility. Banquet Coordinator Job Duties include planning the food, beverage and other arrangements for the events and parties hosted at the banquet they are working for. They need to coordinate with the vendors who supply raw material for the food, those who provide decorative items such as lights, balloons, flowers, etc and handle a number of other tasks which are mentioned below in detail.

A candidate aspiring to get into the position of a banquet coordinator is recommended to pursue a degree in event management. One must also have certain skills including good interpersonal skills, effective communication skills and the ability to derive work from others in order to handle this position well.

Banquet Coordinator Job Duties

  • Banquet Coordinator is required to plan the food and beverage arrangements in association with the banquet manager seeking inputs from the client.
  • Banquet Coordinator needs to coordinate with the vendors who supply lights, flowers and other decorative items for enhancing the beauty of the banquet. They are required to negotiate rates with these vendors and try to strike the best possible deal.
  • Banquet Coordinator needs to get the arrangements for food and beverage done by coordinating with the food and service department and other staff members.
  • Banquet Coordinator is required to deal with the clients and provide them information about the booking formalities of the banquet.
  • Banquet Coordinator may be involved in hiring the junior level staff at banquet. These may include banquet service attendants, etc.
  • Banquet Coordinator needs to coordinate with the house keeping staff to ensure that the banquet is cleaned properly before the guests arrive and kept clean and tidy during the party/ event.
  • Banquet Coordinator needs to ensure that the table linens are done properly and flower vases or other decorative items are placed appropriately on each table before the guests arrive.

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